Red House Winery

Social Media Strategy That Works


Red House Winery

Steps to Sucess: Brand Voice & Imagery > Consistent Social Posts > Wine Club Promotion
Red House Winery opened its Historic 1920’s tasting room on May 2, 2018, with the passion to bring the burgeoning Texas wine industry to the heart of small town East Texas.

Red House Winery offers unique, authentic, Texas wine and showcases said wine in their beautiful tasting room.

Through personal accounts, owners of Red House winery find social marketing beneficial to Their business but running a business makes it difficult to remain consistent in your marketing efforts.

Likewise, having consistent messaging helps businesses reap long-term benefits through brand awareness. It was imperative we work to keep the Winery as a place that comes to mind when people need a night out. This top-of-mind awareness comes from consistent messaging.

In 10 months…


  • 165,365 Total Impressions
  • 85,638 Total Page Reach (502.7% increase)
  • 230 New Follows
  • 50.5% Increase in Instagram Profile Visits


  • 441,790 Total Impressions
  • 245,515 Total Page Reach
  • 362 New Likes
Percentage Increase from previous 10 month period in tasting room sales = 26.98

In 30 days…


  • 202% Increase in Impressions
  • 128% Increase in Page Reach
  • 213% Increase in Post Likes


  • 59& increase in engagement
  • 53% increase in post reach (22,521 total)
  • 48% increase of new fans to page (100 total)


  • 437.9% increase in webpage users (511 total)
  • 27.3% increase in time spent on webpage

Wine Club Memberships

11 total (~$6,000 in annual sales)

Brand Voice & Imagery

Photos were taken and edited to look consistent across the webpage, marketing materials, and social media post photos.

In order to maintain CONSISTENCY across channels, these photos were UTILIZED to create editable templates for staff to utilize when contributing to social media platforms or creating graphics for other elements of the business.

These templates included menus, flyers, instagram stories, and posts.

Webpage copy was also edited to reflect consistent brand voice and messaging to match language and imagery on social platforms.

Finally, the instagram feed was added to the website to encourage ENGAGEMENT across platforms.

Consistent Social Posts

As noted, the owners of Red House winery KNEW how important social media was to their business. Although, the day-to-day operations of the business often left social media as an afterthought or spread across multiple staff members which led to inconsistency.

A large part of the impressive analysis from the first 30 days was the ability to have a social media manager posting consistently.

Posting Frequency Included

  • Custom posts on Instagram & Facebook up to 6 times each week
  • Custom Instagram/Facebook stories at least 5 times each week
  • Respond and be prepared to post any additional photographs sent by clients, guests, and owners
  • Stories are most effective when they feel natural so being responsive to post “on the fly” was a necessary part of achieving this goal and is highly dependent on up-to-date content from owners and customers (via social media).
  • Post frequency on Instagram was increased by 134% and on Facebook by 76%.

Wine Club Promotions

One tangible way the owners of Red House Winery wished to measure success on social media was via Wine Club memberships.

Part of the strategy we formulated was to promote the benefits and the accessibility to all. wine clubs are usually associated with a great expense to the customer. however, red house winery offers tremendous value to their customers by offering different wine club membership packages to fit all budgets.

By positioning the wine club as a fun and accessible purchase, we were able to sell 11 memberships within the first 30 days which equates to at least $6,000 in annual sales.