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Helping Brands With Social Media Strategy And Management


Take Social Media Off Your {Already Full} Plate

We know it’s hard as a business owner to juggle the million and one responsibilities you have.

Small Town Socials is here to take social media out of your hands, so you can focus on running your business. Our expertise in social media allows us to tell business’ stories and curate content to reach your target audience and build a genuine connection with them.

Hi, I’m Amy!

Social media consultant, brand strategist, and founder of Small Town Socials.

I’m here to help you form a strategy that works for your business’ social media and get the results you want.

I have worked in digital marketing for over 11 years. I started with working at the State 4-H Headquarters, where I was in charge of marketing 4-H events and programs to the youth of Texas. I was also the coordinator for one of the largest youth events in the country, Texas 4-H Roundup, which has a large social media and digital presence.

During my time with the State 4-H Headquarters, I was taking pictures along with my other marketing efforts. I realized how much I enjoyed it and that I wanted to have a bigger impact. So, officially in 2010, Amy Mehaffey Photography and Design was born.

I also worked for the City of Nacogdoches for five years. I worked with the Main Street program to develop a long-term marketing strategy for downtown and the city as a whole. I also developed a reputation management program for the organization. During my time with the city, I was able to mentor small businesses in the downtown area to build a marketing strategy in order to gain followers, customers, and sales.

Over the past 12 years with Amy Mehaffey Photography and Design, I have worked to form Small Town Socials as a stand alone social media management agency. We have worked with several clients in my local area and beyond, and hope to continue to grow to spread the small town values to businesses of any size.

Additionally, I have been a featured guest panelist at the Governor’s Small Business Conference speaking on social media strategies. I also currently teach marketing and agricultural communications at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Because of my background in agricultural communications and small business marketing, I know I am able to serve your needs adequately to provide fresh and creative content to promote your business on social media.

Let’s Get To The Fun Stuff

I am married to the love of my life, John Michael Mehaffey. We have two daughters, Hattie Mae (4) and Hunter (2). It’s safe to say we are no strangers to being busy and having our hands full and we wouldn’t have it any other way! If you look around my websites, you’ll no doubt see their silly faces sprinkled around as they are my honorary creative directors.

I love coffee, champagne, {cold} beer, turquoise, big hair, and football. I love to grow flowers, as long as I can remember to water them. I’m always excited to make a new friend, up for a new challenge, and I will forever hope that sarcasm burns calories.

Meet The Small Town Socials Team

Amy Mehaffey

Nacogdoches, Texas

Company Role: Owner/Founder, Small Town Socials

Favorite drink: Coffee and Wine

Most Likely To: Move commas around until the cows come home

Bethanie Griffin

Nacogdoches, Texas

Loves to travel to new places every chance she gets with her fiance and friends. Beth also works for the City of Nacogdoches where she focuses on digital marketing and maintaining a consistent online presence. When she’s not working you can find her on the couch watching Netflix and online shopping, out dancin’ the night away or at a Texas Country concert. Her favorite thing about working with Small Town Socials is knowing she gets to take the big task of social media management off of our clients hands while they are busy running their businesses.

Role: Social Media Account Manager

Fav Drink: Coffee and Wine 

Most likely to: Spend my life savings on clothes and shoes

Elizabeth Whitfield 

Smyer, Texas

Elizabeth lives in West Texas with her husband and daughter where she helps her husband run their hay and livestock operation. She loves spending time with her family, especially just riding in the pickup together and checking cows on a beautiful evening. When she’s not working you can catch her chasing her busy baby girl and listening to true crime podcasts. Her favorite part of working with Small Town Socials is learning about and working with various businesses and creating content unique to their industry.

Company Role: Social Media Account Manager 

Favorite drink: Unsweet Tea and Ice Cold Beer

Most Likely To: Overthink graphics and redo them over and over and over again. 

Whitney Huff

Duluth, Georgia

Whitney loves all things coffee, Real Housewives, and reading. She’s a copywriter who mainly focuses on website copy, but also does some content writing. When she’s not working, you can find her curled up with her dog, Mabry either watching Bravo or reading a Colleen Hoover book. Her favorite part about working with Small Town Socials is Amy, because Amy is such a fun boss and super relatable.
Company Role: Copywriter

Favorite drink: Sweet tea with a lime

Most Likely To: Demand an Oxford Comma #ISaidWhatISaid

Elise Luebbering

St. Thomas, Missouri

Working as a full-time marketing specialist for Missouri Wines, Elise loves channeling creativity in everything she does. She and her husband, Ben, live on his family’s farrow-to-finish hog farm in central Missouri. When she’s not working, you will find her outside and around the farm with their chocolate lab, Dutton. She also enjoys having a small-time photography business on the side. Elise loves working with Small Town Socials because of the change of pace from her day-to-day and working with Amy and the rest of the crew is a sweet gig!

Role:  Social Media Account Manager

Fav Drink: Sundrop…if you’re not from Northeast Missouri, you’ve probably never heard of it.

Most likely to: Overthink every seemingly insignificant detail

Alicia Croci

Kansas City Metro

Alicia has over 8 years of experience in design & social media. She loves working with small business owners to help them build an online foundation for their business. When she is not working you can usually find her hanging out with her two corgis, husband, family, or friends. Her favorite place to visit is her parent’s lake house on Table Rock Lake. Her favorite part about working with small town socials is the similarities between her and Amy + working with small businesses is right in her niche.

Company Role:  Social Media Account Manager

Favorite drink: Coffee, Hot Tea, Wine, Craft Beer

Most Likely To: Go to a party and find a dog to hang out with 

Morgan Perkins Henry

Beaufort, South Carolina

Morgan is a social media manager based out of Beaufort, South Carolina. When she’s not working you can find her on an adventure with her husband and son at the beach, or hunting for the best iced latte in South Carolina. Her favorite part about working with Small Town Socials is the creative curation of social media graphics to showcase her clients business.  Morgan loves to help small businesses get more eyes on their products through Pinterest Management.

Role:  Social Media Account Manager

Fav Drink: Iced Shaken Espresso with FIVE shots of espresso and 1.5 pumps white mocha

Most likely to: Create 30 Pinterest graphics in 20 minutes when the creativity hits!

Reece King

Nacogdoches, Texas

Reece is a Marketing major at Stephen F. Austin State University and  works at Snowmies Shaved Ice and North Street Nutrition, where he handles transactions and makes drinks. When he’s not working or going to class, you can probably find him at the golf course. His favorite part about working with Small Town Socials is the great leadership and helping companies thrive.

Company Role:  Social Media Intern

Favorite drink: Coca-Cola 

Most Likely To: Crack a joke in class 

Ready to throw in the towel on social media? Hand it on over.

We’ll take it from here.