Sage’s Vintage

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Sage’s Vintage

Steps to Success: Consistent Social Posts > Storytelling > Stakeholder Connections

Unlike many retail businesses, Sage’s Vintage caters to an elite clientele within the wine industry. Bringing world-renowned experience and expertise to the table, the owners of Sage’s Vintage knew as their business grew, their online presence should follow. 

Although well established throughout the State of Texas, and beyond, it was important to present cohesive storytelling to followers. 

As noted, Sage’s Vintage functions as a business-to-business company with their clientele being other wine businesses. 

Sage’s sources grapes and then creates custom blends of wine to be branded under their own business name. IE–Sage’s Vintage functions as a luxury wholesaler who is customizing products for public facing businesses and their specific needs. 

This story and the services offered were important to unpack for current customers to exhibit their knowledge as industry experts. It was also important to consistently explain various aspects of the business for future customers and stakeholders.

In 6 months…


  • 64 total posts published 
  • 1,716% increase in new followers
  • 2,989% increase in impressions
  • 3,275% increase in page reach 


  • 67 total posts published
  • 6.3% increase in page likes 
  • 374% increase in engaged people
  • 337% increase in total reach (23,040 people total)
  • 370% increase in impressions

In 30 days…


  • 166% increase in new followers (32 total) 
  • 93% increase in profile views
  • 213% Increase in Post Likes


  • 17.5% increase in engagement
  • 1,748% increase in post reach (5,154 total)
  • 2,298% increase in impressions (6,769 total)