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Thank you for your interest in working with Small Town Socials. We can’t wait to speak with you about your business, social media needs, and tell you more about how we can help you. 

For now, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to set up your initial discovery call within 2 business days.


Q: Where do we begin?

A: Each package begins with an initial discovery call. This allows us to begin getting to know you and your business, seeing your vision for social media, and creating a custom social media strategy.

Q: What is a social media strategy?

A: This means something different for each industry, business, and across social media platforms. 

Some businesses may want to increase customer leads or sales. While other businesses may desire more reputation management or brand awareness.

Your business’s social media strategy not only includes the type of content that is posted, but also the times, dates, frequencies, and hashtags that are used to reach your desired audiences.

Q: I’m not seeing exactly what I need, can we create a customized package for my business?

A: Definitely! Our packages can be a starting place for a package. We are big on being transparent about what investment you can expect with a professional social media agency.

We can help with your website, email campaigns, event promotion, graphic design, or any other marketing effort you need!

We can chat about what is best for you and build a personalized package that fits your business’ needs.

Q: Why do you require a minimum contract term of 3 months?

A: We require a minimum of 3 months, because social media is based on consistency. It is difficult to show true value and organic growth on your platform(s) without several months of consistent posting.

This time frame also helps us determine which content works best for your clientele. As well as times, dates, and frequencies that get you the highest engagement.

Your first 3 months of working with Small Town Socials often help set baseline data to form longer term strategies for your social media outreach.

Q: Okay, I’m ready! How do we start?

A: Fill out our inquiry form and we will be in contact within 3 business days to schedule your initial discovery call.